Crocker Riverside Brick Campaign


Spring 2021

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

The Crocker/Riverside PTO is kicking off a much-anticipated campus upgrade and beautification (CUB) campaign and we are excited to share the details with you!

Over the last year, our children have borne the brunt of a pandemic that has left them isolated and thirsty for a return to in-person learning. To prepare for the return of running feet to C/R, the PTO would like to fix what has needed fixing for over a decade – the declining areas of our school site. But we also want to recognize the many, many ways our neighbors have sacrificed to make C/R such a great school, even with our very limited space. So we have a three phase plan to CUB Crocker/Riverside. 

PHASE 1 – SPRING 2021:

Fix the irrigation, remove divots and other hazards, and replant hardy grass on the playing field. Remove the existing backstop and goal posts; replace with moveable/modifiable backstop and goals. Install a recycled rubber path around the field. Install potted trees on blacktop areas to increase shade coverage. Install mural on the exterior wall of Mrs. McAfee’s room (the eastern-most wall, facing the corridor leading from the office to the cafeteria).


Install personalized bricks, benches, and a flagpole in the front of school. Make it a space that welcomes the whole community in and provides a comfortable meeting spot before and after school. (See renderings by C/R’s own Amber Hildebrand – both an alumnus AND a parent – at!)


Build a geo garden, butterfly garden, all-weather outdoor classroom, and ninja course. Build out area for a solar-powered STEAM bus makerspace. Update and upgrade the kinder playground and Big Toy. Plant additional trees and plants to provide shade throughout campus.


How can you help?

The PTO is offering several ways for you to support this project financially AND leave your mark on our amazing campus.  

Bricks – $150

For $150, you can put your name in lights or, well, underfoot. Click HERE to reserve your brick and find out more details. Brick reservations open on February 1, 2021 and close on March 31, 2021.

Benches – $5,000

We are offering four(4) benches in the front of school with your message on a plaque. Please contact Anna Molander at 916-216-2492 if you or your business are interested.

Flagpole – $20,000

We can’t use the existing flagpole in front of the 4th R portable and we can’t remove it because it is historic so we’d like to put a new flagpole at the entrance to school as part of our welcoming new patio. Your name will be commemorated on a plaque at the base of the flagpole, which, if history is our guide, will remain in place long after we can’t use it anymore. Please contact Anna Molander at 916-216-2492 if you or your business are interested.

Why a private campaign?

The C/R community is lucky to have so many resources at our disposal that other schools simply do not. Because of this good fortune, we do not receive the fiscal support other schools receive. But… our field isn’t safe for the kids to play on. So the PTO Board decided that, rather than take away resources needed by other schools, we’d build it ourselves with fundraising and sweat equity. 

Why now?

We’d like the return of children to campus to be, well, magical. It’s been a world-altering year and we want our children to know that we appreciate their incredible sacrifices, flexibility, and heart in this year of pandemic. What better way to do that than to make their learning space as beautiful and engaging as imagination allows.


Thank you for your support – day in and year out – in the C/R community! And, please, stay safe until we are all able to safely gather together again.

With Cubs spirit,

Bryan Baldwin

Former C/R PTO President

Anna Molander

C/R CUB Campaign Chair


The CUB Campaign Timeline

Brick Campaign Kickoff – February 1, 2021

Special Projects approval returned by approximately March 1, 2021

Brick Campaign Phase 1 closes – March 15, 2021

Bids returned for Phase 1 work – March 15, 2021

Spring Break – March 27 to April 4

Summer Break starts – June 18

Work to start once the weather is dry enough and sufficient funds have been received to pay for each phase.