Enrichment Programs

School Enrichment Programs


Enrichment activities are a vital part of your child’s overall education. Whether it is an all-school assembly, an on-campus activity, or a field trip, these activities enhance your child’s understanding of the concepts and principles taught in the classroom.

Because of the generosity of the Crocker/Riverside community, we are able to fund a variety of during-school, enrichment opportunities for our students. Over half of the annual, PTO-operating budget is devoted to funding these activities.

Accelerated Reader/STAR Reading


Our students have access to Renaissance Learning, the umbrella company for Accelerated Reader (A.R.) and STAR reading, a diagnostic test which provides accurate written and oral reading fluency assessments.

Art Docent


The Crocker Art Program has been around for around 20 years with  art docents providing a 1 ½ hour lesson once a month.

Students are introduced to well-known artists and their works (Monet, Picasso, etc.). They also learn basic art techniques and play with various mediums. Each year is a unique experience depending on the art docents and other parents involved.

Garden Docent


The Garden Docent program strives to engage our children’s minds through a hands-on experience by enjoying the touch, sights, sounds, and smells that a garden offers. Participating classes meet with their docents 4 times a year to plant, harvest and/or maintain their classroom garden bed.

Library and Computer Lab


Thanks to the PTO, our library is stocked with more than 5,000 books ranging from beginning readers to advanced non-fiction. Students come to the library weekly as part of their class, during which time they check out books, do printed and/or online research, and hear books read aloud.

Reading Rebounders


The goal of the Reading Rebounders program is to work with below-grade level readers so that they reach proficiency for their given grade.

Every year second- and third-graders needing a little extra practice have the opportunity to read for 20 minutes twice per week with a willing sixth grader, who gives up part of his/her lunch time to tutor the younger readers. Readers have a safe, encouraging environment in which to improve their oral reading fluency

Science Docent


The Science Docent program was designed to expose our students to basic scientific principals in a hands-on and exciting way. But parent volunteers are needed to help pull these off!

Student Newspaper


The Crocker Chronicle is a quarterly publication produced by 4th-, 5th- and 6th-grade students.