Enrichment Programs

School Enrichment Programs


Enrichment activities are a vital part of your child’s overall education. Whether it is an all-school assembly, an on-campus activity, or a field trip, these activities enhance your child’s understanding of the concepts and principles taught in the classroom.

Because of the generosity of the Crocker/Riverside community, we are able to fund a variety of during-school, enrichment opportunities for our students. Over half of the annual, PTO-operating budget is devoted to funding these activities.

Accelerated Reader


The Accelerated Reader Program for second-sixth grades will encourage your child to become even more of a voracious reader. The suggested reading range identifies books at the right level to provide optimal reading challenge without frustration. Children interested in reading books outside their range may certainly choose to do so. The goal of the program is to excite children to read and to help them experience success in reading.

Art Docent


The Crocker Art Program has been around for around 20 years with  art docents providing a 1 ½ hour lesson once a month.

Students are introduced to well-known artists and their works (Monet, Picasso, etc.). They also learn basic art techniques and play with various mediums. Each year is a unique experience depending on the art docents and other parents involved.

Garden Docent


The Garden Docent program strives to engage our children’s minds through a hands-on experience by enjoying the touch, sights, sounds, and smells that a garden offers. Participating classes meet with their docents 4 times a year to plant, harvest and/or maintain their classroom garden bed.

Library and Computer Lab


Each class visits the library to check out books, listen to a story, or to conduct research at least once a week. Teachers utilize the computer lab to integrate the use of technology into content-area  instruction.  Our computer carts are mobile, so many teachers  extend the use of technology into the classroom.

Reading Rebounders


The goal of the Reading Rebounders program is to work with below-grade level readers so that they reach proficiency for their given grade.

Parent and student volunteers work with students, twice a week, during the lunch recess for 20 minutes. Trained-student tutors from the 5th and 6th grades work with primary-grade students to improve their reading levels. As fluency improves, students also work on comprehension and vocabulary.

Science Docent


The Science Docent program was designed to expose our students to basic scientific principals in a hands-on and exciting way. But parent volunteers are needed to help pull these off!

Student Newspaper


The Crocker Chronicle is a quarterly publication produced by 4th-, 5th- and 6th-grade students.