Site Council

Crocker/Riverside Site Council

What is a School Site Council?

A School Site Council (SSC) is a school community’s representative body, made up of school staff, parents/community members, and at the secondary level, students.  The primary responsibility of the SSC is to participate in the development of the School Development and Improvement Plan (SDIP) also known as the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and evaluate the effectiveness of programs by monitoring the use of supplemental funding available to the school site.

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2018-2019 Site Council Parent Representative Candidate and Candidate’s Statement
  • Jennifer Henderson (parent of 1st grader and incoming kindergartner): As an advocate for sciences and arts, I will strive to increase support for our great Crocker/Riverside docent programs and ensure available funds are used in a timely and effective way. I will work to provide leadership, funding, and appropriate facilities so our science docent, art docent, garden docent, music, and language programs will continue to grow.
The Crocker/Riverside School Site Council

Our SSC consists of ten members: the principal, three teachers, one classified employee, and five parents. Parents are elected to the SSC by parent voters. Ideally, the elected parents will represent the various segments of the school population (i.e., GATE, RSP, English Language Learner, etc.).

The current school year’s meeting minutes and bylaws are available in the school office.