Staff Parking Lot


The parking lot area located on the north side of school is for staff parking only! The lot is also used by delivery vehicles for food services, mail, garbage pickup, etc. Entering the parking lot to drop off children creates unsafe conditions for our students. Pulling out of the parking lot can be unsafe as it is very difficult to see oncoming traffic.  Please do not use the staff parking lot for drop-offs, pick-up, and/or turnabouts, no matter the circumstances.

  • The parking lot is for STAFF and handicapped placards only! Do not enter the parking lot to drop off/pick up children or block the driveway to the parking lot.
  • Children are not allowed in the staff parking lot at any time. Please use the sidewalk next to the parking lot.
  • Do not double park or leave your car unattended in the front of the school. The front of the school is a drop-off and pick-up zone only!
  • Cars left unattended in front of the school may be ticketed by an officer.
  • The red zone in front of the school is marked for school buses only!
  • Please do your part in keeping the front of the school safe for everyone by keeping the traffic moving.