• ​Always walk on the blacktop and concrete unless P.E. time or with supervision.
  • Games that involve body contact such as karate, kung fu, play fighting, chase games, etc. are prohibited. Hands, feet and other items are to be kept to oneself at all times.
  • Interrupting/disturbing other people’s games will not be tolerated.
  • Return stray balls and play equipment to the rightful person.
  • Play in appropriate areas and be visible to the yard supervisors during all recesses. Students should not play on the ramps, behind the auditorium, around rooms 17 – 26 or on the stairs of the two-story building.
  • Practice rules of safety on the Big Toy and at the bars.
  • Students are not to hang from hallway overhangs, supports, or walk on benches.
  • Students are to remain on school grounds unless adult permission has been given. Jumping over fences for any reason is prohibited.
  • Vulgar language/profanity will not be tolerated at school.
  • All students shall freeze when recess bell rings.
  • All students shall walk directly to their designated area after the whistle is blown.