Library and Computer Lab


Each class visits the library to check out books, listen to a story, or to conduct research at least once a week. Teachers utilize the computer lab to integrate the use of technology into content-area  instruction.  Our computer carts are mobile, so many teachers  extend the use of technology into the classroom.

Here are a few ways our students benefit from the library program:

  • All students are allowed to explore and check-out books during their class’ weekly library visit.
  • The library houses the school’s computer lab where students are provided guidance on research strategies for class papers and projects.
  • Primary grade children enjoy a weekly story-time which exposes them to books aligned with the Open Court reading program, award-winning authors, and stories that will encourage a love of reading.
  • All grades participate in the California Young Reader Medal Program. The purpose of this program is to: 1) promote recreational reading and; 2) honor favorite books, authors and illustrators. Books are nominated by students at participating, California schools. Crocker/Riverside students are exposed to the nominees’ literature and then students in turn vote for their favorite books.