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It is very important that we have current information for you, and your child(ren). Please take a few minutes and make sure your Infinite Campus Parent Portal information is current. This information was emailed out by the District, but we are also adding it to Konstella for those of you who do not have current emails on file.  Instructions are below on how to update your Parent Portal. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Stay Connected on Student Progress and Important Announcements
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During this pandemic, communication is critical. We know you want the tools to stay updated on your students’ progress and to communicate with teachers and school staff.

We need all parents and guardians to update Infinite Campus accounts with current emails and cell phone numbers.

Stay Connected with Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is the district’s Online Parent Portal which can be accessed via a smartphone app, a mobile device or computer. This site will empower you with real-time access to your student’s records and other important announcements!

Communicate with Teachers and Get Real-Time Access 

The portal is designed to allow parents/guardians to not only see student’s class progress and activities, but increase communication with teachers, and to provide the information and assistance needed to support your student’s success.

How to Sign up 

If you do not have access to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, please email Mrs. Debbie Kang, Crocker/Riverside Elementary School Office Manager at

 Keep your Information Updated 

Click here for instructions on how to update your information. For more information or additional questions regarding the Infinite Campus parent portal, please email

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