Crocker/Riverside Year-End Art Show 2020-2021


Made any art this year? Take a photo of your creation and get ready to upload it for others to enjoy! We will be collecting photos of artwork for the virtual school art show.

Share your art!

• Photo of one original artwork made during the current school year

• It can be a drawing, painting, sculpture, or other creation with age appropriate subject matter

Submission Instructions

1) Cut out the name card (found on the art show form / instruction sheet). Write down your name, grade, teacher’s name, and title of the artwork. This card will be used to label your artwork in the photo. 

2) Take a photo. Put the name card near the bottom of your artwork and take a photo of it

3) Upload your photo. Please upload to the correct folder! Each grade has its own link below:




1st Grade


2nd Grade


3rd Grade


4th Grade


5th Grade


6th Grade




4) Message your room parent and let them know once you have submitted your artwork.

*Upload your photo by TUESDAY, JUNE 8*