Consequences for Violating the Rules


May include:

  1. Warnings
  2. Behavior referral citation
  3. Withdrawal of privileges
  4. Detention at recesses and/or after school
  5. Parent notification (telephone/conference/written message)
  6. Suspension — parent will be notified
  7. Students who damage school property will be held responsible for payment of replacement or repair of damage
  8. Parent sitting in the class with the students
  9. Request for expulsion from school
  10. Behavior hearing at the District office
  11. Adjustment transfer to another school

Procedures for Problem Situations

Most behavior problems will be solved by the classroom teacher, yard duty personnel, or school personnel. The principal or head teacher will assist other school personnel in dealing with student problems.

In the event a problem occurs that cannot be solved by available personnel, the following steps will be taken:

  1. The parent or guardian will be called by the school.
  2. The parent/guardian will be asked to accompany the child to school the next day.
  3. The child must come to school with parent/guardian to resolve the problem.