Computer / Internet Use Policy


School computers and access to the Internet are a privilege and are for school-related education and research.

Students should avoid any unlawful applications such as:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Accessing or distributing private, obscene, or pornographic material
  • Threatening others
  • Using inappropriate language or material that can cause congestion or damage the systems

When students use school computers and access the Internet while on campus, they agree to:

  1. Follow the directions of teachers and school staff
  2. Abide by the rules of the school and school district 
  3. Obey the rules of any computer network you access
  4. Be considerate and respectful of other users
  5. Use school computers for school-related education and research only
  6. Not to use school computers and networks for personal or commercial activities
  7. DO NOT change any software or documents (except documents the student creates)
  8. DO NOT use computers while eating or drinking

Use of school computers and access to the Internet is a privilege. If the student does not follow the rules, they may be disciplined and lose their computer privileges.
Do not produce, distribute, access, use, or store information, which is: 

  • Unlawful
  • Private or confidential
  • Copyright protected
  • Harmful, threatening, abusive, or denigrates others
  • Obscene, pornographic, or contains inappropriate language 
  • Interferes with or disrupts the work of others
  • Causes congestion or damage to systems