Classroom Coordinator(s)


Each class will have a classroom coordinator who will help coordinate communications and needs for their class. This role can be one parent/guardian or split across multiple volunteers.


  • Work effectively with your classroom teacher.
  • Assist in classroom activities.
  • Help build friendly relations among parents in the classroom.
  • Encourage teacher(s) and parents to develop a “team effort” between home and school.
  • Promote the work of the PTO within the school and community.

Specific Duties

  • Provide teacher with assistance with classroom projects, Fall Carnival, field trips, celebrations, etc.
  • Develop class roster and distribute it to each family.
  • Set up an e-mail distribution for advising parents of school or class activities.
  • Teacher Appreciation:
    • Coordinate with parents  for a small token (cards, gift card, etc.) around the holidays.
    • Coordinating teacher appreciation activities for Teacher Appreciation Day (in lieu of Week).
  • Make an effort to attend PTO meetings and share meeting information with parents.
  • Involve as many parents as possible in class activities.
  • Acknowledge volunteers.
  • Work with the Room Parent Coordinator (PTO Board Member)