Check Request/Reimbursement Information


All check requests and requests for reimbursement by the PTO will be submitted electronically for the 2018 – 19 school year. 

Below is an outline of the process for submitting check and reimbursement requests and issuing payment.

  1. Complete the electronic ‘Crocker/Riverside Reimbursement Form’
    The electronic Crocker/Riverside PTO Reimbursement Form can be accessed by clicking the following link:

    While filing out the form, you will be prompted to provide the relevant information necessary for the PTO to approve and issue a check. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: 
  • Amount
  • Purpose
  • Event or Program the expense supports
  • Payment deadline (if applicable)
  • Mail-to address
  • Special instructions
  • Receipts and/or invoices

Please note that the information requested above is similar to what was required in previous years, only now in electronic format.

  1. Attach your receipts and/or invoices
    The last field in the reimbursement form requires the supporting receipts to be uploaded / attached before you can submit the form. The form accepts most file types (.pdf, .xlsx, .ppt, etc.) but is limited to 10 individual files. Therefore, it is recommended that receipts are combined into one file.

Note: There are several pdf scanning apps available (such as Genius Scan) that allow you to take pictures of your receipts, convert them to .pdf and combine them into one file via your smart phone. This may be convenient alternative if you are not near a scanner.

All amounts included in your reimbursement total should be clearly identified on your receipt.  Missing or unclear information may cause delays in processing.

  1. Submit your form

The final step is to click ‘Submit’. If a required field was not completed, you will be prompted to complete the missing field(s).  Once all required fields are filled out, click ‘Submit’ and the system will indicate that you have successfully submitted the form.

An e-mail will be automatically sent to you (based on the e-mail you entered in the form) with a copy of the form along with your responses to each field. Please retain for your records. Note: This is a no-reply email notification. Please see contact information below if you have any questions regarding your submission.

  1. Requests are reviewed / approved by the PTO

Designated members of the PTO are authorized to approve reimbursements. The reimbursement requests are automatically sent to a designated email ( which is routinely monitored by the PTO for review and approval.

The focus of the review by the PTO includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Budget check: There are funds available in the budget for the expense
  • Expense is properly supported by necessary documentation (receipts, invoices, etc.).
  • Reasonableness: The expense fits the purpose

To avoid unnecessary delays in processing, please ensure all receipts are included in your submission and circle all amounts that add up to the total amount requested. 

  1. PTO submits reimbursement for payment

Once approved, the PTO forwards the reimbursement form and supporting documentation to the Professional Treasurer for disbursement. The check is cut to the person/vendor and addressed specified in the e-form you submitted.

Checks are cut weekly so please plan accordingly.

Questions, comments, concerns:

Please feel free to contact the PTO  if you have questions or need assistance with submitting you reimbursements.  We are happy to help!