Students are expected to:

  • Walk quietly and stay in line without pushing or shoving.
  • Be polite and respect all noon duty supervisors, workers in the cafeteria, other students, as well as himself/herself.
  • Exercise good eating manners while in the cafeteria.
  • Use a soft voice and talk quietly with others at your table. Five minutes before dismissal to the playground, the cafeteria lights will be turned off to remind students that it is silent time. Students are to quietly finish eating their lunch and quietly prepare for dismissal.
  • Clean personal eating area, wait for dismissal time, and dispose of garbage and lunch trays properly before walking out of the cafeteria.
  • Students will be seated by class and dismissed by class, with the first class to be dismissed earning the privilege of eating outside the following day, weather permitting.
  • Fridays, provided the cafeteria rules are being followed during the week, students will be allowed to sit by grade level.
  • Fast food is discouraged and soda is not allowed.