Green Schoolyard Committee


The Green Schoolyard Committee works to improve the campus to better support outdoor learning, diversify play opportunities, and enrich local ecosystems.  We maintain and create spaces that improve the well-being of our students and the environment at the same time. Imagine spaces where students can sketch flowers, search for butterflies, grind acorns, or sit around in a stump circle and talk with friends. Now contrast that vision with pure blacktop and cement. 

We need your help to develop and maintain the green spaces at the school: the front yard roses, the courtyard plantings, the CA History Garden near the courtyard and cafeteria; the Bookworm Garden next to the library; and the Zoo Garden near the Kindergarten playground. We’ll meet a few times a year to prune, sweep, blow and replant. We are also involved in continued development of the campus (murals, new gardens, etc.). If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please sign up through Konstella