Back-to-School Night


Back-to-School Night is an opportunity for parents to hear about their child’s classroom,
educational program, curriculum and academic standards for this school year. This night
is for parents only.
A staggered time schedule is in effect for this evening’s activity.
Please note the times for your child’s teacher.

First Session: 5:30 – 6:15 p.m.

Ms. Janette Coffing PM Kindergarten Room 14
Mrs. Monica Merritt-Dyer PM Kindergarten Room 15
Ms. Julie Gutierrez 1st Grade Room 2
Mrs. Cydnie Steele 1st Grade Room 4
Mrs. Leslie McAfee 1st Grade Room 9
Mrs. Anne Brown 1st Grade Room 10
Ms. Sylvia Rodriguez 2nd Grade Room 1
Mrs. Diana Perry 2nd Grade Room 3
Ms. Kathryn Krahn 2nd Grade Room 6
Miss Kinsey Smith 2nd Grade Room 8
Mrs. Sharon Sommer 3rd Grade Room 5
Mrs. Jenny Navarrete 3rd Grade Room 7
Ms. Karen McClain 3rd Grade Room 16
Mrs. Courtney Amioka 3rd Grade Room 17

5:30 – 6:15 p.m.

Meet our P.E. Teachers, Mr. Tyler Rogers and Mrs. Tiffany Begley, in the courtyard.

Second Session: 6:30 – 7:15 p.m.

Ms. Johanna Kirkman AM Kindergarten Room 14
Ms. Leslie Forée AM Kindergarten Room 15
Mrs. Tracy Adams 4th Grade Room 18
Mrs. Michelle Goodwin 4th Grade Room 19
Mrs. Caroline Winquest 4th Grade Room 20
Mrs. Joy Kruse 5th Grade Room 21
Mr. Jason Repass 5th Grade Room 22
Mrs. Carolyn Beutler 5th Grade Room 23
Mrs. Kelly Toomey 6th Grade Room 24
Mrs. Sarah Buerger 6th Grade Room 25
Miss Stephanie Kuroda 6th Grade Room 26